With the dramatic increase in the use of colour management in digital motion picture finishing, there has developed a need for closer and more frequent calibration of all aspects of the film processing chain.

SCD Stepper Controlled Densitometer

SCD Stepper Controlled Densitometer

The SCD is designed to enable fast turn around, in house calibration of both negative and print processes, giving more accurate digital film emulations. This allows you to be independent and gives you a performance edge in the DI market place.

The SCD unit is a stepper motor controlled 35mm motion picture film transport system for the X-Rite® 310T Densitometer*. It is designed to automate the process of measuring many negative and print densities necessary for modern colour management systems. The system comprises of a film transport deck, a motor control unit and Linux application software. The output file format supports both plain text and Truelight© text formats.

*X-Rite® 310T not supplied as standard

Speed3.5 secSample-1
Shuttle3.1 ftSec-1
Reel Size500 feet
Voltage240 / 110 A.C.
Truelight© compatibleYES
CineSpace© compatibleYES
LightSpace© compatibleYES
ARRI aqua recorder calibration compatibleYES
Celco recorder calibration compatibleYES

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